Top Healthcare Jobs in Canada

Countries around the world have become more dependent than ever on medical workers and the healthcare system, and Canada is no different. Canada is constantly looking for ways to improve health care delivery by increasing public spending on affordable treatment, using medical technology, and engaging patients.

If you want to work in one of the highest rated healthcare systems in the world, let’s take a look at the best healthcare jobs in Canada.

Top 10 Medical Professions in Canada

1. Registered Nurse

Probably the most coveted position in the country, a growing elderly population has increased the demand for registered nurses in Canada. You need to register with a provincial authority in the province where you want to live and settle and take a test to prove your abilities.

When it comes to the immigration process, you have your choice. Each province will want you and be ready to approve your application through the Express Entry System. As an experienced registered nurse, you can expect to earn an average of $102,500.

2. Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist

Again, the aging of Canada’s population has led to an increased demand for occupational therapists and physical therapists. In fact, the exponential increase in demand for all the entries on this list (except number 5) is due to Canada’s aging population. You can expect a median annual salary of $76,811, permanent residency, and an unparalleled quality of life.

3. Licensed Practical Nurse

A licensed practical nurse in Canada earns an average of $67,529 per year. Given that the average life expectancy in Canada is 81 years and increases every year, the prospects for the future are very good.

4. Pharmacist

The average salary for a Pharmacist in Canada is $94,800. Seasoned professionals earn up to $120,000 per year. Need we say more?

5. Veterinary Assistant or Technician

This position is not necessarily “health care”, but there is a relationship. In this profession, you can earn up to $56,000 per year with a degree earned in as little as two years from a recognized institution.

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6. Dental Hygienist

If you want tons of disposable income and the quality of life most people dream of, why not practice in Canada? Seasoned professionals earn around $100,000 per year. The demand for this profession has increased by 13% in the last five years and will continue to increase. As you know, higher demand means more sales.

7. Doctor

Possibly one of the best countries in the world to practice, there are countless options as to what lifestyle you want to pursue. A Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree will make you big, whether you choose a laid-back lifestyle in remote areas like the Yukon or the Northwest Territories, or prefer a more glamorous city life in glittering Toronto. .

The average salary for doctors in Canada is around $150,000, with experienced doctors earning more than $250,000 a year.

8. Home Care Providers

In addition to being among the best healthcare jobs in Canada, home caregivers are offering new specific work permits that allow workers to change employers if they are unsure. They can qualify for permanent residence in Canada in as little as 24 months and earn an average of $36,400 per year.

9. Dental Hygienist Assistant

The province you live in and want to settle in requires you to pass the National Dental Assistant Examination Board (NDAB) and be approved by its governing body. Also, make sure your credentials are qualified; a 39 to 50 week diploma program is the minimum qualification to practice in Canada. The median salary is $43,875. Not a bad return.

10. Medical Radiation Technologist

After a two-year degree program, you can earn around $62,700 per year. As you gain experience and become a recognized professional in the industry, your earning potential increases. Experienced professionals in this field earn over $98,800 per year.

Benefits of Living and Working in Canada

Anyone looking for a better life in another country, either for themselves or their family, will find an excellent candidate in Canada. Not only is it a good country to live in, but it’s also a good country for immigrants.

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Canada offers several immigrant organizations that will make it much easier for you to settle into your new home. You have a better chance of succeeding in Canada when you have the right people to guide you and ensure your integration into business and society. You can learn everything from vocational training to access to English and French courses.

If you manage to move to Canada as a permanent resident, you will have access to many benefits of living in Canada, such as free public education for your children from K-12, but also the aspect of care free universal health care just play a big role. in the quality of life you will have in Canada.

So you have the support you need and you have access to top notch health and education systems, what more do you need? Well, Canada also offers the opportunity for a new career or a career boost.

Canada’s economy is growing and this is good news for foreign citizens. With growth, there are more vacancies than Canadian citizens can fill because there simply aren’t enough people to fill the vacancies.

Canada needs skilled foreign workers. In fact, several Canadian immigrant visas and visas are introduced to help immigrants work and live in Canada.

Let’s see how you can move to Canada as a foreigner.

How to Work and Live in Canada

1. Express Entry

The Express Entry system is the ideal way to apply for permanent residency in Canada if you do not yet have a job offer, as it is not a necessary requirement for this program. Express Entry is also one of the fastest ways to move to Canada, with a processing time of just six months.

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You can qualify for one of three programs that fall under Express Entry, namely the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Federal Skilled Trades Class, and the Canadian Experience Class. If you meet the requirements, you will be placed in the Express Entry category, where you will receive a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of no more than 1,200 points.

You can earn points based on a number of factors, including your work experience, education, language skills, and adding your partner to your application. Successful applicants will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

If you don’t pass the first time, you still have a chance of getting an ITA as the Express Entry draws are held every two weeks. Your profile will also remain in the draw for a period of one year.

During this time, you can improve your CRS score to increase your chances. This can be done by earning another degree, gaining more work experience, or receiving a provincial nomination.


What is The Simplest Medical Range in Canada?

Phlebotomy is the easiest medical field to grasp. In this profession, blood is taken from patients and transported to the laboratory for testing. The NOC code for a phlebotomist in Canada is (NOC 3212).

Does Canada Grant Permanent Residency to Healthcare Workers?

After working in Canada for a period of time and gaining work experience in Canada, you can qualify for permanent residency in Canada through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Are you interested in working in one of the best healthcare jobs in Canada? Let’s see if you qualify for a Canadian visa!

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