Highest Paying Skilled Worker Jobs in Canada

Canada is a country of over 36 million people. The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that everyone, including foreign nationals, has access to good jobs and opportunities. You could live and work in Canada and earn a good salary if your occupation is listed below.

Although there are many reasons why you should consider moving to Canada, the main one is that there are many foreign jobs in Canada to choose from. According to the Canadian government website, there are over a million jobs to choose from!

You can find work in all fields and industries, from health care and education to construction and manufacturing. If you are looking for work in an industry where demand exceeds labor supply, such as health professionals or teachers, you may even qualify for permanent residency.

Although Canada pays its workers higher wages than many countries around the world, there are some jobs where you can earn a higher salary.

Here is our list of the highest paying skilled worker jobs in Canada.

1. Technology related areas

2. Health services

3. Customer service

4. Technical

5. Operation

1. Technology Related Areas

Companies are trying to recruit new employees into the IT industry to support the growing economy, which is why Canada has so many jobs for foreigners. Although the pandemic has hit the Canadian economy hard, tech-related job growth has been faster than other industries.

A career in information technology offers a wide range of jobs and competitive salaries, as well as many job opportunities.

Cyber ​​Security Analyst

NOK: 2281

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Annual salary: $108,474

IT Support and Network Administrators

NOK: 2172

Annual salary: $91,271

Web Developer

NOK: 2175

Annual salary: $85,000

2. Health Services

Health services are the backbone of Canada’s high standard of living. Health workers have been essential to the survival of the country’s population and economy, especially during COVID-19. This is why healthcare workers are paid so well because they are hard-working and have a long learning curve.


NOC: 3114

Annual Salary: $98,964

Registered Nurse

NOC: 3012

Annual Salary: $81,729


NOC: 3131

Annual Salary: $106,558

3. Client Services

Client services range from human resource management to administrative assistants, but ultimately focus on ensuring the satisfaction of individuals who need help, companies who want to streamline projects, and teams who need to strategize.

High-paying jobs in this industry require a college degree and years of experience. You can live and work in Canada and enjoy what the country has to offer with these salaries.

Human Resources Managers

NOC: 0112

Annual Salary: $153,984

Financial Advisors

NOC: 1114

Annual Salary: $108,137


NOC: 1111

Annual Salary: $82,667

4. Engineering

This broad category covers many forms of engineering. If you can skillfully design and build a model or system, whether you’re working on software and code or aircraft machinery, you can call yourself an engineer. Ensuring that the design and layout of important parts are correct is a big responsibility, so the job comes with a big payday.

Software Engineer

NOC: 2073

Annual Salary: $135,000

Electrical Engineer

NOC: 2133

Annual Salary: $112,976

Industrial Engineer

NOC: 2141

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Annual Salary: $87,966

5. Trades

Although most of the jobs on the list above require a college degree and years of experience, there are high-paying, skilled jobs that you’ll get from trade school or even years of experience. Having some type of license to drive or build certain equipment can benefit you and your pocket.


NOC: 7251

Annual Salary: $75,542

Truck Driver

NOC: 7511

Annual Salary: $62,647


NOC: 7237

Annual Salary: $56,550

Working in Canada

There are different ways of living and working in Canada. You can work on a temporary or permanent basis and apply for a visa accordingly. As a skilled worker, you can apply for permanent residence using the Federal Skilled Worker Program under the Express Entry system.

Many jobs are available in Canada for skilled workers. You can find sponsorship jobs in Canada for immigrants, or you can search for any job in Canada for foreigners that interest you and start your new life in Canada today.

Canada has a lot to offer when it comes to employment. It is an ideal place for foreigners to live and work. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants or RCICs are the best people to contact if you want to start your immigration process. They are qualified and transparent and know the ins and outs of all the immigration programs available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Skilled Worker Earn In Canada?

The average skilled worker earns about $19.50 per hour, or about $38,025 per year. It depends on your qualification and years of experience. An entry-level qualified professional will earn around $29,250, but if he has more experience, he will earn $54,240.

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What Types of Canadian Work Permits are There?

A Canadian work permit will depend on the type of occupation you have and the geographic location of your work. Some temporary permits are open work permits that allow you to work anywhere in Canada, while others are employer-specific, limiting who you can work for and where you can work.

How Can I Find A Job In Canada?

There are several ways to look for a job in Canada. Some of the best ways are to search the web and research companies that hire skilled foreign labor. Looking at Job Bank, which is affiliated with the government, is another good option. Of course, you can contact recruiters or check out job search sites like Indeed.

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