Benefits of Online Careers According to Students

Online degree programs make education more accessible and diverse for students around the world.

The advantages include: reduced tuition fees; the variety of courses; a more comfortable learning environment; comfort and flexibility; increased ability to concentrate; and the ability to continue in your chosen profession.

The flexibility to balance study time with work and personal life has been a major benefit for Jessica Cooke, Senior Media Planner at Dunnhumby and Head of the Nestlé Client Team at UCL School of Management’s Online MBA.

She said: “The quality of teaching was excellent and the teacher’s ability to convey complex topics and facilitate engaging discussions through a non-traditional online classroom format exceeded all of my expectations.”

But why did you choose the show? The business school culture was one of those factors. She said: “UCL is looking for students who are passionate about learning and not just looking for three letters at the end of their name.

“My fellow students come from almost every continent and every industry, so there is no traditional or common approach to cohort background. I work in the consumer goods industry in the UK. Learning through discussions with peers working in engineering in Australia, the US government or even interior design has helped me broaden my horizons in new industries and cultures.

Online degrees can inherently feel lonely, but that doesn’t mean networking opportunities aren’t available in abundance.

Jessica said one of the unexpected results of her online MBA is the relationships she has built with her cohort. She said: “UCL is looking for students who are eager to learn and foster a culture of collaboration so that we can grow as a collective rather than compete with each other. Although we are often on different continents, we have been able to build personal relationships and support each other in many ways.

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Iain Cooper, global head of intellectual property at Jacobs, chose SoM’s online MBA over a full-time MBA because he wanted to complete his MBA at a global school while working full-time in Saudi Arabia, and the online MBA for him ticked all the boxes.

Having already studied at the graduate level, Iain had some ideas of what to expect. He said, “The flexible yet structured delivery model for the course means I can plan my week ahead to balance work, family, and study obligations.”

Iain also noted that his sense of connection to the university was surprising. He said: “With the program being delivered almost entirely online, I never expected to feel as connected to my cohort, faculty and institution as I do.

“Our entire cohort feels a real connection to the university and its history and as UCL’s first MBA cohort, we are honored to be involved in a new chapter in UCL’s history.”

Isabelle Malique-Park chose the Executive Master of International Business from ESCP Business School because of the longevity and reputation of ESCP, and EMIB because it corresponded to her professional project related to the development of international business. .

She said: “The EMIB program allows me to take courses in French and English (two separate courses), to practice both languages, to have access to a wider range of courses and to work in groups with different people. .”

An added bonus for Isabelle is that the course is new and updated: “Studying online was a very exciting affair, away from school desks and old memories…”

Kim Oestergaard, President and CEO of Meneta Group, said that the highlight of ESCP’s EMIB is the course seminars, which allow students to interact with other students and faculty in the course, giving the program an international flavor and great takeaways.

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He said: “[They should] engage in online discussions as much as possible and actively engage in group work – learning online and remotely requires and builds a high level of self-discipline and a self-directed approach.”

Nicoleta Minoiu Enache, also a member of ESCP’s EMIB, said that she was impressed by the new content, from strategy to human resource management and digital marketing, through case studies of situations in recent operations.

She said: “The online platform is also doing well in the context of the pandemic. We are one of the lucky few who were able to continue their studies without change.

Continuity and flexibility are qualities that online students keep mentioning, but at the heart of online education is technology and how it can improve education.

Nicoleta said: “Today’s technological environment offers effective ways to share knowledge far beyond traditional written text through videos, forums, and blogs. Online education allows an a la carte menu for everyone. “

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